Veteran Actress Meenakshi Verma, who appeared in a number of serials, will now portray the role of a cool granny in Tum Aise Hi Rehna (Rashmi Sharma Productions).
Talking about her role in this upcoming Sony TV serial, the actress said, “In this serial, I am playing the role of a cool granny. She is traditional but is not very strict. She tries to explain things rationally”.

“She is very much concerned about her grandson (Kinshuk Mahajan), as for her, he is very intelligent and handsome. She wants him to get married to a nice, pretty, traditional girl, who upholds traditional values”, added Verma.

The actress also said, “Tensed about her grandson, Daadi tends to sometimes overdo certain things. She believes that girls will always try to trap her young and handsome grandson”.

When she was asked about the on screen chemistry with her ‘bahu’ (Indira Krishnan), she said, “There relationship will be very understanding. She knows her daughter-in-law and respects her decision. If there is any problem she tries to sort it out with her daughter-in law. My role is very much relatable and real”.

Bored with melodramatic Daadis, even we are now very much interested to watch this cool granny.