Life OK show Mahakumbh (Arvind Babbal Productions) is entertaining the masses with its gripping storyline and in the upcoming episode it will showcase some more interesting tracks.

As per the current plot, Rudra (Gautam Rode) is growing fond of Maya (Payal Rajput) with each passing day and in the coming days the duo might face some serious threats.

After the demise of Mai Mui (Seema Biswas) and Udiya Baba (Robin Das), Maya has been acting as an emotional anchor for Rudra. And Rudra, who has fallen in love with Maya, and has become very concerned and possessive about her.

On the other hand Maya, who feelt guilty about Mai Mui’s death, ran away from the situation and took shelter in an ashram, where she met Rudra’s mother.

A source from the set revealed, “Soon Maya will get death threats from unknown forces. And Rudra will be able to sense that some threats might be coming and he will be scared of losing her. But, some mishap will happen to Maya and after which many will think that Maya has been killed. In reality she will survive the accident.”

Our source also added that this mishap will reveal many unknown secrets and it will bring them closer to the mystery of Mahakumbh. In the coming episode Maya’s connection with Mahakumbh will also be disclosed.

This will be really an interesting watch for the viewers to know what will happen to Maya and how she will be saved.

We tried reaching Payal for a comment but she remained unavailable.

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