Vikas Khanna, the most loved celebrity chef in India, is back with MasterChef India season 4 on Star Plus. It will bring together the best of culinary skills from across the world on a single platform.

“Having started at a really small scale, I realise the importance of success and will never let it affect me. I think glamour is a curse, if not handled properly. I still remember the days when I started off with my bature counter at the backyard of my house with 24 plates and chairs. In fact, one of the chairs was stolen the first day itself (laughs). Since it wasn’t a covered counter, my mom used to stand with an umbrella and help me out with the tandoor,” Vikas reminisced.

He went on to add, “I think one should value what they have in order to become successful. I have been in love with food from childhood and never ever dreamt of doing anything apart from that. I come from a humble background and didn’t even know how to speak in Hindi, let alone English. Earlier, I used to feel apologetic but I realised food has its own language and that kept me connected with my passion!”

Talking about MasterChef, Vikas said, “This show has opened up so many gateways to food lovers and given them a platform to celebrate food and the art of cooking. Many people ask me as to what happens to these people post the show. Let me tell you that all the three winners of the past seasons (Pankaj Bhadouria, Shipra Khanna and Ripudaman Handa) are doing superbly well in their own capacities. From books to restaurant to TV shows, they are known across nation because of MasterChef.”

“This is not just show to find a chef but also a revolution. It is the same case that there is a Miss World competition every year but there has been just one Aishwarya Rai born from it!”

Vikas recently launched a Children’s book and is all set to present one of his biggest launches soon. “The new launch Utsav is a book that celebrates the festivals of India. It not only has pictures and recipes but experiences of people around. It will go in for bidding, starting from 8 lakh. I know it’s quite a high price but then that’s how it gets attention (smiles).”

And lastly, when we quizzed the Chef on women’s love towards him, he said, “Women love food and so they get confused by khana and Khanna (winks). I have entered TV by fluke and I have seriously no aspirations to gain stardom, all I need is the love and blessings of the people and of course the magic of food all around.”

MasterChef India Season 4 will launch from 26 January, 2015.