Star Plus’ Airlines (Miditech) soared high onscreen this weekend. And the witty man with an amazing personality Yudhishtir, also known as VJ Yudi, impressed one and all with his portrayal of Akash Ahuja in the show.

Recently at the launch of the serial, we caught up with Yudi who spoke at length about his first venture on TV as an actor and a lot more about his show.

“Not many know and believe that I am an actor. I have been part of theatre and this was an amazing chance to do something really different on TV. I auditioned for the role and gave a look test and got selected. The makers wanted an authentic look and body language of a pilot. We thus got a special training session with professionals who helped us understand the machine better,” shared he.

He added, “I also have some friends who are pilot and they too acted as a reference point for me. I did not want to look like a fool and thus got in details of how things in cockpit work.”

Talking on the show Yudi said, “This is a serial which will be very interesting for sure. People do not know much about the aviation industry and this show will act as a mirror to that. Yes a lot of glamour and scandal will be there, but that’s a part of each workplace. The important thing is that there will be a lot of thrill element which will reach a high end dramatic climax at the end of the 26 episodes.”

The plot will depict woman’s journey (played by Tulip Joshi) in a man’s world, Yudi averred that it will act as an inspiration and aspiration for the people. “The show is targeted towards everyone for it will educate them on how a woman can take over a man’s job much better. She is no more a second hand citizen and probably more capable in all sectors. Also the young people will get to know about a job that they can take up.”

Asked about what he learnt about a pilot’s life, the actor quipped, “It’s a job of responsibilities. Firstly so many lives are in your hands. Secondly you get to handle a very expensive aircraft. Also you meet so many different kinds of people on board and off too. From various kinds of flyers to temperamental colleagues, you get to know a lot more about human behaviour.”

And finally when quizzed about him getting to romance in the show, Yudi smirked, “There is no romance but a lot of romances on the show. And to know more, you will need to watch every single episode (winks).”

Lucky you Yudi!!!