Colors’ Uttaran (FilmFarm India) has seen a major twist in the tale of late with Meethi (Tina Dutta) getting to know of Aakash’s ex-girl friend being Chameli (Shriya Jha). With Meethi and Aakash assuring Chameli that they would give her daughter Rani (Arshifa Khan) a good living by adopting her, Chameli who is now called by all as Nandini wanted to move out of the house.

However, Meethi has requested her to stay back in the house and sort differences with Aakash. And this situation will now be used by Malvika (Rishina Kandhari) who wants to take revenge against the entire family of Aakash.

As per a source, Malvika will start to brainwash Nandini’s mind by telling her that she is the first choice and love of Aakash. She would advise her not to surrender her love so meekly, but to fight it out with Meethi and win Aakash’s love. She will also start to poison the minds of others in the family.

Malvika’s motive will be to send Meethi out of the house, so that Aakash will also follow her. With Aakash going out, she would assume that Ekadash (Krutika Desai) would also go behind her son, thus leaving Malvika to be the sole heir of the property. In this way, Malvika will want to take revenge for whatever Rathore (Gaurav Chopraa) had done to her.

When contacted, Rishina told us, “Yes, Malvika wants to take revenge. But what she will do is for the audiences to see.”

Watch this major drama unfold in Uttaran.