Earlier we reported that Lohitang’s plot in Life OK show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (Triangle Films Company) will end soon, but, now we bring you the news that Lohitang (Mohit Raina) will be killed by Mahadev in the show.

Our source also revealed that the creative team has already tied up all the loose ends and have decided to end Lohitang’s plot by this week.

Lohitang, who has been wrongly guided by his brother Andhak, has sworn to avenge his brother’s death by destroying Mahadev.

Lohitang has been trying to kill Mahadev, but all his attempts have mostly gone in vein. In the recent episode Shankchur, who along with Lohitang was fighting against Mahadev, was killed by Mahadev.

“In upcoming episodes, in a fight between Lohitang and Mahadev, Lohitang will be killed and Mahadev will go into Samadhi (meditation) state. This would then lead to the climax of the show which is all set to end in December,” added the source.

Well the long running popular show has been in talks of being wrapped up and now close sources have confirmed the information that the show indeed will bid farewell in the next month.

We called up producer Nikhil Sinha who asked us to call later as he was driving.

We promises to keep you informed about all developments.