After Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show CID, Mahabali Shera will be seen in Fireworks Production’s another show Gutur Gu on SAB TV. Gutur Gu is a silent comedy, which is currently running in its third season.

When we contacted actor Kunal Kumar, one of the lead actors of the show, he confirmed the news and mentioned that the shooting was completed on 19th.

The actor said, “It was simply wonderful shooting with a person of his stature. He is a well known wrestler. He is not only a great wrestler but also a wonderful human being. We were also chatting about his struggle in the initial days. He is also very spiritual person.”

When Kunal was asked about the shoot, he replied in excitement, “There is a dream sequence in the serial where I hit him during a competition. And in that dream sequence I hit him and win the prize, but only later on I realize it was my dream.”

The actor candidly added, “It was pretty different for me to shoot such a sequence, which involved action. But, for him, it must have been a joke. It involved kicks and jumps, for which I am suffering in pain now. But I would call it ‘meetha-wala-pain’, as the fun of shooting with him was more exciting than the pain”.

Sources confirmed that the original competition in the serial will be between Mahabali Shera and Dayanand Shetty, where Daya will emerge as a winner. The source also revealed that it will be a mock wrestling not a very serious one.

The episode will be aired next weekend.