The viewers of the serial Gustakh Dil on Life OK (Ravi Ojha) will now witness a new showdown between Laajo (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Jasmine (Shritama Mukherjee).

Jasmine, who has been trying to create a rift between Nikhil (Vibhav Roy) and Laajo, will try to convince Nikhil that Laajo is having an affair with her mentor Samrat (Siddhant Karnick). She will be somewhat successful in her ploy, which will lead to a heated argument between Nikhil and Laajo. But soon Laajo will realize that it was plotted by Jasmine and she will confront her.

When we asked Sana about this new development in the show, she replied, “Jasmine, who has fallen in love with Nikhil will try to create differences between Nikhil and Laajo. She will try to get Nikhil at any cost.”

Upon realizing Jasmine’s true intention, Laajo will confront her. During their confrontation Laajo and Jasmine will challenge each other.

The actor also added that Laajo will be very confident about her relationship with Nikhil, while on the other hand, Jasmine will vow to separate Nikhil and Laajo.

When the actor was asked about her relation with her co-star Vibhav Roy, the actor candidly replied that she feels that Vibhav is like her father. “I feel he is like a father to me, who scolds me and takes care of me. Otherwise he is a very sweet person”.

Let us remind our readers that in a recent conversation with us, Vibhav, who portrays the character of the male lead in the show, also commented likewise by stating that he feels Sana is like her mother.

Cute chemistry, we say!!!