Love is in the air for Sukirti Kandpal and Upen Patel; Minissha Lamba and Arya Babbar in the locked up Bigg Boss 8 house.

Colors popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 has just started with a kick start and the contestants locked up in the house have already started bonding well with each. Looks like the season this year will show case a lot of love with the way it started.

On its day 2 itself, Bigg Boss 8 have got its two couples already. Upen Patel and Sukirti Kandpal got so comfortable with each other that Upen went to give a nick name to Sukirti i.e ‘Sukku’. This definitely marks the beginning of a love story.

Up next on the list is Arya Babbar and Minissha Lamba. With both of them coming from a Bollywood background, the love chord between them have already struck. While Minissha was thirsty and wanted to some water from the bottle of Arya which was in his hand, Arya despite of on the verge of drinking water offers it to Minissha saying it in a very loving manner – Pehle Aap!

Looking at this entire scenario, the other inmates too started teasing Arya for his inclination towards Minissha.

Well, if this is the case on Day 2, we wonder what will happen later as the competition gradually moves further.

The members of the Secret Society have already started sowing seeds of hatred and intense arguments between the inmates by asking them some sarcastic and offensive to some extent questions.

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