The veteran actress is set to reprise her role in the show..

The show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ is going through an intriguing track, involving Indo-Pak drama where Sandhya (Deepika Singh) and Aarzoo (Prachi Tehlan) are almost at loggerheads. Also, it is unravelling Bhabho’s (Neelu Waghela) past and the reason for her hatred towards the Pakistani army.

Amidst all this drama, the makers have to decided to spice up things even more with the return of a pivotal character.
The character of Maa Saa played by veteran actress Ragini Shah is set to make a comeback to the show.

Yes, you read it right! The track will reportedly portray the return of Ragini as Maa Saa and her family, who will leave their village and return to Pushkar for some reasons, still unknown.

We contacted Ragini, who confirmed, “Yes, I am set to reprise my character once again. However, I am yet to know how are the makers shaping up the character this time around. I am very eager to know how will things shape up.”

She added, “One thing is sure, that this time it isn’t a cameo, its a full fledged role and will be a longing character. The character, like previously will surely have grey shades to it.”