There has been rumors for quite a long time that Triangle Film Company’s serial ‘Devon Ke Dev- Mahadev’ will go off air very soon, but there has not been any confirmation yet from the concerned individuals.

But we brings up the news that Lohitang’s plot, which has been running in the show for few months, will end soon.

Our source confirmed the news, “Lohitang’s (Mohit Raina) plot has been running in the show for quite a long a time, but this plot will end soon”.

Lohitang’s character is supposed to be a good person, but he has been wrongly guided by his brother Andhak, which has turned him negative.

In the serial, Lohitang, in order to avenge his brother wants to kill Mahadev (Mohit Raina) and he tries to know everything about Mahadev. He also tries to know about Mahadev’s inner strengths and weaknesses. In the recent episodes he even tries to destroy Jyotirlingas to weaken Mahadev’s power, but remains unsuccessful.

In a recent episode Goddesses Parvati (Suhasi Dhami) even had visions of a war taking place in Kailash and becomes worried.

The source added, “In the upcoming episode Lohitang will again try to attack Mahadev with the help of Shankhchur, who has captured Swarg, and will try to defeat Mahadev. However, on the other hand, Devraj Indra along with Gods will try to free Swarg from Shankhchur”.

However our source could not confirm about how Lohitang’s plot will end. The question remains whether it will end with Lohitang’s death in the upcoming war in the series or by Lohitang’s character changing into a positive personality.

We will keep our readers updated as soon as we receive any news.