We grilled Mishkat Varma for our Quickie section with a brand new set of questions.

Mishkat today is popular as Raj of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya on Zee TV and the cute guy is known to be a charmer. Take a look how he dodged Mayank’s quirky spicy questions.

Your 2am friend?

I have a couple of best friends, who I can rely anytime of the day or night.

Kiss with your eyes open or shut?


Hottie who you would like to get naughty?

Jennifer Winget.

Ever hit by a same sex?

When I was in college I guy gave me a gift which was really uncomfortable. I opened and found a Tupperware tiffin box in it. Although he had no wrong intentions, I was really scared.

First thing you want in the morning?


And the last thing at night?

Peace of mind.

Given a chance which magical power you want?

I would love to go back in time and check out Shah Rukh Khan’s struggle.

Who do you want to go on a quickie date with?

I like VJ Bani and Mukti Mohan, so any one of them.

One night stand is…


You get bowled over easily by or whom?

By a girl’s height.