Unfortunately for the cast and crew of Life OK’s Gustakh Dil (Ravi Ojha Productions), today happens to be the last day of their shoot.

As reported earlier, the show will air its last episode on 14 November 2014 and if sources are to be believed, it will be a happy ending.

We gets you the final track of Gustakh Dil.

As seen so far, Nikhil (Vibhav Roy) and Lajjo (Sana Amin Sheikh) are not as close to each other as they were at some point of time. Lajjo’s growing responsibilities have distanced them and this has given space to an outsider Jasmine (Shritama Mukherjee). Jasmine has been eyeing Nikhil to bring down Lajjo and so far, she has succeeded in all her attempts. Soon, she will create a huge misunderstanding between them but Sagar (Siddhant Karnick) will come as a saviour.

We hear that Sagar will bring out Jasmine’s evil plans in front of Nikhil and reunite him with Lajjo.

Furthermore, Nupur’s real identity will come in front of the family. Though everyone believes that she is faking being Inder’s (Indraneel Bhattacharya) illegitimate child, it will come out to be true. At the end of it all, she will be accepted by the family.

Lastly, Lajjo will be seen introducing the new members of the Life OK family, Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali (Rajshri Productions) – the show that is replacing Gustakh Dil to the audience.

When contacted Sana, she said, “It’s been a beautiful journey and it’s hard to part ways, but all good things come to an end someday.”

“My last day of shoot was yesterday and it was very emotional as it was my first show as an actor. But, then things that begin, end somewhere,” said Vibhav.

We hear that both Sana and Vibhav have been very emotional shooting for the final scenes.

We wish the cast and crew of Gustakh Dil a successful future.