Nirbhay Wadhwa who plays Dushashan in Star Plus’ Mahabharat is learning new form of Martial Arts Muay Thai and he seems to be focused while learning the form

Nirbhay Wadhwa plays a very strong role of Dushashan in Star Plus’ Mahabharat. Nirbhay has been winning accolades for his performance and now is busy learning Muay Thai a form of Martial Arts these days. We got in touch with him to know how did he develop the interest to learn this form of Martial Arts.

Nirbhay says, “Yes, I am busy learning Martial Arts these days in Jaipur. I am learning Muay Thai its kind of Martial Arts. I had this plan of learning Martial Arts long back but I couldn’t manage doing it as I was busy shooting for Mahabharat. I am taking training under Shree Ram Chowdhary who is a coach of Marshal Arts in Common Wealth Games. A professional training is given in the institute and the trainers are sent to different places for various competitions.”

When asked as who has been the inspiration for getting trained for this form? Nirbhay replies, “Actually I was very fond of this sport when I started watching Hollywood movies. This sport really helps you to keep your body fit and now in Jaipur I am really taking care of my health because for this sport you need to be fit. As I am staying with my family these days so maintaining a proper diet becomes easy but when I was in Mumbai my intake was unbalanced.”

“I want to get perfect in this sport as I have some future plans related to it. Besides this I am very fond of Cricket and Bike riding. I am crazy about bikes and I have a collection of different bikes,” says Nirbhay.

So any plans to act in shows further? He avers, “No, I have no such plans further.”

Well its nice to see an interest for a different sport! Keep it up Nirbhay!