Life OK’s new show Laut Aao Trisha is all set to unfold the extra marital affair of Lavanya in the front of Khushan; Amrita and Kabir to reveal the face of Trisha’s kidnapper in the upcoming episodes.

Life OK’s thriller show Laut Aao Trisha produced by 24 Frames has reached at its peak and has held the attention of the viewers with its fascinating story. As story revolves around the missing girl Trisha, the Swaika family is in search of their beloved daughter leaving their work aside.

Till now it has been shown that Lavanya (Rajeshwari Sachdev) who is having an extra marital affair with Pratik’s (Jai Kalra) close friend Prem, is about to get revealed in front of her husband Khushan (Ayaz Khan) as he is suspicious about her and also checks her phone to know the identity of the man.

Now in the upcoming episodes Khushan will come to know about Lavanya’s affair with Prem.
According to the sources, “Khushan follows Lavanya and reaches to Prem’s house. He gets shocked to see Prem who opens the door with a red rose in his mouth and the house decorated romantically. Both of them feel awkward and the culprit Lavanya will be seen missing as Kushan will search her in the house but he is unable to find her there.”

“Khushan fails to catch Lavanya and Prem red handed however, he comes to know the truth about Lavanya’s affair and leaves the house. Amrita (Bhagyashree Patwardhan) too will come to know about Lavanaya’s affair with Prem and she will question her for the shameful act. Meanwhile Lavanya will hide the secret from Amrita about Pratik’s (Jai Kalra) extra martial affair with his secretary,” ends our source.

Will Amrita too will come to know about Pratik’s extra marital affair?

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