These days many shows are coming up with bold yet mature contents, which deals with issues like extra marital affair (Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh), incest (Laut Aao Trisha), but the question remains whether our audiences are mature enough to handle such issues or not.

If it would have been the case then 24 Frames Production show ‘Laut Aao Trisha’ would have followed a very different storyline.

Earlier we reported that actor Yash Chaudhary will essay a role in the show ‘Laut Aao Trisha’ in Life Ok. But, that plot was never fully developed as it was supposed to be.

We even reported that Yash was supposed to enter the show as Gaurav’s ((Jiten Lalwani) gay partner and Gaurav’s character supposed to be a bisexual one but that plot was later called off by the creative team.

Our sources revealed that this plot was supposed to be a more different and mature one, but was suddenly changed. “Gaurav’s character was to be a very different one, where he had a gay partner. According to that storyline Gaurav’s character had certain conflict within himself as he was not being able to decide whether to continue with his relationship with his gay partner”.

“Even Sonali (Adita Wahi), Gaurav’s wife wanted another child but Gaurav being unsure about it. But, surprisingly these plots were cut short. Now, we really don’t know why the creative team decided to call off that plot. May be the show was enough bold, as it already portrayed an incestuous relationship between cousins and extra marital affair”.

According to our source all these bold moves might have been too much for the audiences to witness in one single show and that might have made the makers to change their decision and turn it into more like a family drama.

When we contacted the producer of the show Bhairavi Raichura, she brushed off the rumor and said, “Yes, we initially planned to do so, but that was just on the very initial stage, nothing was finalized. We later on cancelled the plot as per the requirement of the story. We thought it would not be necessary”.

We really wonder what actually happened.