Life OK’s Gustakh Dil will shoot its last episode on November 5 and air its last episode on 14th November making their viewers happy by uniting Laajo and Nikhil.

Ravi Ojha Production’s popular show Gustakh Dil on Life OK which had a successful of a year and striked a right chord with the masses, will soon bid adieu on November 14. As the viewers are quite satisfied with the storyline of the show and also liked the chemistry of the leads Laajo and Nikhil.

As per our sources we came to know that, “The show will shoot its last episode on November 5. The last track will conclude on a happy note wherein Sagar will clear all the misunderstandings between Laajo (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Nikhil (Vibhav Roy) created by Jasmin (Shritama Mukherjee). Jasmin loves Nikhil and so to separate Nikhil and Laajo, she creates misunderstanding between them by telling Nikhil that Laajo is in a relation with her boss Sagar (Siddhant Karnick) which has created lots of differences between Laajo and Nikhil. Finally Sagar will come to know about Jasmin’s truth and thus Nikhil and Laajo will reunite. Also Barkha (Meghna Malik) will accept her husband’s illegitimate daughter.”

We wishes the entire cast and crew of Gustakh Dil all the best for their future endeavors!