Gustakh Dil is gearing up with an interesting track where Laajo and Ratri will fight out against each other in a dance competition.

Ravi Ojha’s popular show Gustakh Dil on Life OK is gearing up with an interesting track where Laajo will be seen performing for the competition. Later the interest will build up even more as Laajo (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Ratri (Leena Jumani) will shake their leg on the famous Bollywood song Kamli kamli from the film Dhoom .

As seen in the ongoing track, Laajo will fear of losing the competition after she has already faced a wardrobe malfunction. But her sporty husband Nikhil (Vibhav Roy) encourages her that she will have to win the competition to prove his mom (Meghna Malik) and Ratri wrong and he will help her out to face all the challenges.

As per our sources, “She will be seen performing on the song Leja Leja Re where she will perform gracefully but at the end Laajo who is nervous will fall and hurt her leg. Later there will be a final tussle between Ratri and Laajo on the song Kamli Kamli where Laajo’s ghunghroo will break and thus she will get hurt while dancing. Still she won’t stop dancing and injures her feet which is bleeding profusely. Finally she will succeed in winning the competition, defeating Ratri.”

We got in touch with Sana Amin Sheikh for which she said, “Yes there will be a tussle between me and Ratri. My ghunghroo will break I don’t know whether it is an accident or it has been plotted by Ratri. My look in both the song will be different as in Leja Leja Re I will be seen wearing an Indian outfit and in the next song it will be a western look.”

“I will be seen tensed in the first song because there is something which is troubling Laajo and what is troubling that you will have to find out by watching the show. It’s a surprise for the audiences.”

What surprise is awaited in Gustak Dil?

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