Life OK’s Gustakh Dil gearing up with a high intense drama where the don will try shooting Laajo.

Ravi Ojha’s popular show Gustakh Dil Life OK is gearing up with a high intense drama where Rinku Karmakar will soon be seen in a positive role. She will save Laajo from the clutches of the don who is about to shoot her.

The current track is revolving around the don’s family where Laajo is trying to investigate the racket. We have earlier reported that Jasmine (Shritima Mukherjee) has started liking Nikhil and is getting possessive about him.

Our source says, “Lajjo (Sana Amin Sheikh)will finally find that blue diary which she needs to rescue Nikhil (Vibhav Roy) from the racket. When she goes to find that blue diary she will be caught red handed by the don who tries shooting her but Mrs. Ranawat essayed by Rinku Karmamakar will help Laajo in escaping from the don’s trap.”

Our source further adds, “Till now Rinku Karmarkar was seen in a negative character but now she will save Laajo from the don and she herself will get trapped because of Laajo.”

Will Laajo escape successfully and save Nikhil?

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