Zee TV’s Tashan-E-Ishq (Esselvision Productions) will see a huge turnaround after the wrap up of Sukirti Kandpal’s track.

Yes, with Rajjo getting married to the guy she loves, the show will yet again set foot into the romantic world of Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) and Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin).

Well, we are stressing on the word ‘romantic’ because the breeze of ‘love’ will yet again enter their lives.

As per a reliable source, “Kunj and Twinkle after their brief phase of separation will realize their love for each other. Viewers will enjoy a visual treat as the two of them will confess love. Post this, it will be a happy moment when Kunj will take Twinkle back to his house.”

Meanwhile, new drama will await them at home, wherein the family members will not be ready to accept Twinkle. However, Kunj and Twinkle will try to prove that Yuvraj (Zain Imam) has been the cause for all problems at home.

Immediately, Yuvraj will try to cry on Mahi’s (Shritama Mukherjee) shoulder to seek her sympathy. However, Mahi will for the first time remain silent, thus raising doubts over Yuvraj’s innocence.

If sources are to be believed, while Twinkle will step into the house again, Yuvraj will be shown leaving the house.

How will Yuvraj work on his next game plan?

We tried calling Jasmin and Zain, but did not get through to them.