What!! Will be the question that will follow you with this piece of news of Pragya’s (Sriti Jha) pregnancy. Kumkum Bhagya is keeping the audience engaged with Pragya-Abhi-Tanu’s triangular love story. In the recent episodes, Pragya has been trying hard to make some place for Tanu in Abhi’s home. Not only home, Pragya is also trying to create some good impression of Tanu in Abhi’s (Shabbir Ahluwalia)family member’s hearts, especially Dadi. To do this, she is trying to make herself as much bad as possible, but in vain. Every time she tries to create bad impression in front of Dadi, the latter agrees to Pragya without any hesitation. In the recent episode, Pragya hurt Dadi by telling to be careful while walking as the later slips off due to oil spill. Dadi apologises Pragya and says she will follow her from now on.

She asks Pragya to blame the theft on Daasi, and seeing right moment she will drop in and say Pragya is the real thief and has been stealing money from long to make property. Abhi listens to this and asks Tanu and Pragya not to do the act in front of him and not to hurt Dadi. If they do, he will throw both ladies out of the house. Looks like this plan too flops and Pragya will do another drama or may be real! In the upcoming episode, Pragya will announce her pregnancy. Tanu will get tensed and will get Pragya tested by doctor. But doctor too confirms her pregnancy shocking Abhi and Tanu. Is Pragya really pregnant or is she faking to prove Abhi and her relationship was just nothing more than friendship?