Like the ongoing drama was not enough, the makers are trying to add more spice to Abhi-Pragya’s life in Kumkum Bhagya. Already, Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya (Sriti Jha) are troubled by their own people from the house, now it should be seen what the new villain in their story has in store. According to Telly Buzz, the new negative character, who wants to take away the Rockstar status from Abhi, will create problem in his life. Initially he will be shown as very soft and innocent character, who will use Abhi’s girlfriend Tanu to enter Abhi’s life.

Telly Buzz was quoted as saying, “A new negative character will soon enter the show which will create problems Abhi’s life. He will be shown as a very innocent guy initially but later on will turn out to be a bad guy. He wants to take away the status of Rockstar from Abhi and for this he will use Tanu, Abhi’s ex-girlfriend.” It is reported that few well-known stars have been approached for this role. Pragya already had two villains in her life – Tanu (Abhi’s girlfriend) and Alia (Abhi’s sister, Pragya’s sister Bulbul’s fiancé’s ex-girlfriend), who didn’t want Pragya to be in Abhi’s life. Tanu is almost successful in trapping Pragya with her pregnancy drama, and separating from Abhi’s life. In the upcoming episode, Tanu will be getting involved in casting couch. She will be getting a big project, which will make her leave Abhi and choose her career again. May be this new negative character is the person behind Tanu’s new project!