An interesting track is coming up on Jamai Raja where Kratika will change her side.

Grazing Goats and Films’ popular show Jamai Raja on Zee TV, is garnering the attention of the audience by creating interesting twists and turns in the storyline.

As we reported earlier that DD (Achint Kaur) will shoot Rajveer (Vishal Karwal), as he was about kill Roshni (Nia Sharma). Thus, Rajveer’s chapter will be closed after this incident but more drama will prevail in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Our source says, “Kratika (Ishita Sharma) will file a case against DD for killing her husband and the police will arrest DD. Soon there will be court room drama where the judge will decide what punishment should be given to DD for her crime. Al the evidence will be against DD but there will be a twist in the tale when Kratika will come as a witness which will shock everyone as she will take back the case against DD.”

“Later, it will be seen that Kratika has not changed instead she has another awful plan to punish her husband’s killer,” adds the source.

Well after Rajveer, Kratika will make Roshni, Sid and their families life difficult.

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