Actress Khushboo Kamal who has donned various challenging avatars for SAB TV’s F.I.R. (Edit II Productions) will be seen yet again in the show.

Starting tonight, Chandramukhi Chautala (Kavita Kaushik) will do something that she has never done before. Well, the lady has till now provided ‘insaaf’ to many people, but for the first time she will get on road to satisfying a ‘desperate soul’.

And the role of the good soul will be played by Khushboo Kamal. Titled ‘Julie ka Insaaf’, the track coming this week will deal with an unsatisfied soul seeking Chandramukhi’s help to get her happiness and justice. And Chandramukhi will set foot towards making the soul happy.

Earlier, Khushboo has played the roles of ladies of various ages in F.I.R. And this time she will play the role of a dead person who would be roaming around as her soul is unsatisfied.

When contacted, Khushboo told us, “Yes, I have been part of SAB TV’s F.I.R. for long now. And this is a very different role, considering that Chandramukhi will try to provide happiness to my soul.”

Khushboo was shooting for the show when she developed high fever and was diagnosed with dengue fever. The actress was admitted in Kokilaben Hospital from nearly five days.

When asked about her health, she said, “I am recovering now. I would say that dengue is my best friend (laughs), as it forced me to simply be on bed and take rest for nearly a week. I do not like to laze around, and to get so much time for myself was something unusual.”

Khushboo, we wish you speedy recovery. Get to see her in action in the SAB show.