At the age of 16, when many youngsters struggle to figure out what to do with their lives, Chef Ranveer Brar fell in love with food and made a career out of it.

The latest judge to join Star Plus’ MasterChef India (Colesceum), Brar met kebab ustaad, Muneer Ahmed, who got him hooked onto the art of cooking. After training under him, the talented guy joined hotels in Delhi and soon launched a number of restaurants of his own. In fact, he holds a record for being the youngest restaurateur with the maximum number of restaurants (24) around the globe. W.O.W!

“I think people who connect with food emotionally can do wonders in the kitchen. Good food should always have the power to evoke memories in you. MasterChef India is giving a great platform to people who love food to showcase their emotions through it. And those who missed the bus can always enjoy the show on TV,” said Ranveer.

He feels that the universal language of food has created a wave around the world. “Today, people are not scared to try food, whether it’s eating or cooking. The boundaries dividing cuisines have faded, making regional and cultural food a regular on every menu. Moreover, every Indian is aware of international cuisines,” added Brar.

He further explained, “People go to restaurants to enjoy food that’s different from their home cooked regular stuff, but I want to know why they hesitate to make those dishes at home. Restaurants just serve you with a good presentation, the ingredients and cooking is not something that one cannot make at home. I think it’s time everyone tried their hands on a recipe that they enjoyed at restaurants.”

On his role as a judge, Ranveer said, “I am in the show because of my love for food. If someone is wrong, I wouldn’t hesitate to criticize them, and every yummy fish would definitely receive accolades from me!”

Finally, when asked about the food trends in India, the Chef said, “I think experiment is the key. Never be scared to create something new and interesting.”

Thoughtful, isn’t it!