We were the first ones to write about Karishma Tanna and Rushabh Choksi being in love.

Owner of a pub in Mumbai, Rushabh has become all famous now, more than few Bigg Boss contestants, thanks to all the love and betrayal drama being played out by Karishma and Upen in the current season of the show.

Karishma and Upen are besotted with each other and KT girl has confessed that when she would come out of the house she would go on to break up with Rushabh.

Now, before that could happen, Rushabh shared his sentiments on Twitter.

And we feel, it’s all over for Rushabh and KT girl.

This is what he had to say…

“All relationships go through a test a bad phase and shit bt der is way to go about things. What KT is doing is disgusting & out right tacky,” Rushabh tweeted.

One more tweet said: “Upen you can have her. I’ll get a new and better one lol #BB8 #WeAreWithGautam.”

Now, these are matters of the heart and we should not be judgmental. But only time will tell, if the UpMa love is real or for the game.

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