Karam Rajpal has been advised complete bed rest…

Handsome actor Karam Rajpal, currently seen as Shivam on Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein, is not well these days and advised for a complete bed rest.

Karam, also a part of BCL season 2 and playing for the team Pune Anmol Ratna, has injured himself while practicing. But the actor ignored which has affected him badly and later the pain got became severe. He has been advised for a complete bed rest by the doctor.

However, being an actor is difficult. The actor already had shoot commitments, he is not able to take leave. He is trying to suppress the pain with pain killers.

We contacted Karam who told, “Yes, doctor has advised me a complete bed rest, but as it is an important sequence which we are shooting so I cannot take leave. It happened that I was practicing for BCL where I injured my lower back but I ignored. Later, I was shooting for a sequence where I had to lift Riya and while doing that sequence the pain got worst. Now I am on pain killer and on medication.”