Check out how Kapil Sharma differentiates his show with Krushna’s show ‘Comedy Nights Live’!

Comedy King Kapil Sharma is back to showcase his humorous side on Sony TV’s upcoming show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. As we have already reported about the show hitting the small screens by April 23, Sony TV recently held a press conference and launched the show, where Kapil Sharma was put to toss, to address some of the most anticipated controversies…

Beginning with the major one- shutting down of one of the most popular comedy shows ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’.. Check out what Kapil has to say on his alleged controversy with the channel (Colors)-

“At times sensibilities don’t match and then you need to move on in your life. There is no big reason as such; it was just that some disagreements lead us to sign off from there. But now we are back with a new show and no grudges of any sort is left behind. I feel everything happens for good. As of now we are trying to bring something new, so the excitement level is also high. Also creatively, we can bring something bigger and better with a fresh mind and set up.”

Kapil’s new show will have the same team of Kiku Sharda, Ali Asgar, Sunil Grover and others… when asked about playing safe by retaining them, he said “All the characters got so much love in the previous show and in this industry there are very few people with good timings. So how can I let go such talented artists, even a comfort level comes in picture, as we have lived three years together during the show, and hence we can understand each other well now.”

Amongst everyone from the old team, only Upasana Singh is missing in the new show. About Upasana Singh continuing with Comedy Nights, the actor-comedian said, “She was having some contract issues with the channel, so she preferred to stay back and we all respect her decision.”

Comedy Nights with Kapil has been replaced with Comedy Nights Live.. when asked if Kapil has seen the show, he said “Yes, I have seen the show. They are doing in a different way from what we use to do.”

Well, we wish Kapil Sharma’s new show becomes a super hit, just like his previous one!