Sony TV’s popular show, Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar (Balaji Telefilms) has opened up a curious question to the viewers as to whether Neil (Ronit Roy) and Ragini (Pallavi Kulkarni) will get married or not!!

Well, news in media circles about Nivedita (Sayantani Ghosh) getting to know of this secret marriage, and barging into the wedding venue to stop it, has really kept the audience guessing!!

Now, we hear that the show is slowly inching towards one more major drama just before the pheras will be taken.

And that will be the drama related to the ‘kanyadaan’….

As per a reliable source, “The pandit will inform one and all that a married couple related to the family will be required to do the kanyadaan, for the marriage to be fruitful. Now, the entire family will be in a dilemma as nobody except Nishi (Vinny Arora) and her husband Jignesh (Mehul Vyas) would be eligible to do the kanyaadaan. However, the catch 22 situation will be that Jignesh will not be present at the wedding. Though invited, Jignesh would be determined not to attend the function.”

There will be huge chaos as to what should be done next, when Agham (Rohan Shah) will announce that the kanyaadaan will happen. And that will be the time when Jignesh, the son-in-law of the house will make his entry.

The wedding episode we hear, will culminate with Jignesh and Nishi doing the kanyaadaan, with Neil and Ragini getting married.

Another major drama that will happen during the wedding will be the confrontation that Nivedita will have with Neil. However, we hear that Neil will take Nivedita into confidence by telling her that this is just an arrangement marriage, brought about to keep the younger generation happy. Neil will be seen making a promise to Nivedita that he will eventually get wedded to her, once he is out of this arrangement marriage.

Will this arrangement wedding between Neil and Ragini keep the younger generation happy for a long time?

We tried calling Pallavi Kulkarni, Vinny but did not get through to them.

Watch the exciting climax to the Neil-Ragini wedding in Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar.