Kanwar Dhillon who is back again on the small screen with his new show show Hum Hain Na speaks about his characterization in the show, the concept of the show and his joy of being exposed to new shows at a very young age.

Kanwar Dhillon who rose to fame with his remarkable performance in Colors’ Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 is back on small screen after Life OK Do Dil Ek Jaan with his all new venture Hum Hain Na on Sony TV.

In this exclusive chat with Kanwar, he speaks about his character in the show, concept of the show and the kind of exposure he got at a very young age. Read on!

What appealed you to do a show like this?

Firstly, it was all about changing my image that I created during Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha. Later, after Na Bole Tum… I started getting similar offers started coming in but I declined. Then I got Do Dil Ek Jaan but my character in that had a tragic ending. Post Do Dil, I had taken an off for three months for my graduation. By the time I got done with my exams and results, I was approached for this show and everything started falling in place. I always wanted to discover myself as an actor and do something different than my earlier characters. I mainly took up this show because it is a very fresh and positive show and it is male centric. Today having a show with this concept where most of the shows are women centric and being a part of that unique show made me take up this show. Moreover, it is a light hearted show and I really love the character; I can relate to it really well.

Is Banaras Ka Bunty similar to Kanwar Dhillon?

Yes! Only the fact that I am a Punjabi and he is a Banarasi boy. Otherwise the characteristics and the traits are very similar to what I am in real life as Kanwar. Bunty will put other people before him and he will always think of helping others and then of himself. I think I am also quite similar to Bunty because I think about others before thinking about me. I am also very soft spoken in real life. So yes, there are many common things between Bunty and me. Also owing to this similarity, I could enter into the skin of the character and that is why the audience love me already.

At a very young age you started off some really amazing shows; be it Na Bole Tum or Do Dil… How is the entire feeling?

I feeling hard work, dedication and patience especially always pay off. We have people elder to me in the show besides Pratyusha Banerjee from whom we can learn a lot. But Pratyusha and I both have done very well career wise and we have achieved this on our own. I feel really lucky that my father gave me that kind of liberty in life right from where I was just fifteen – sixteen to learning about acting and stuff. I think I have learnt about certain things at a very young age. That gives me an exposure to go out in the world and showcase my share of talent. More importantly, my father does not believe in helping in any way. It is just your deed that will take you ahead.

In today’s world where women centric shows are leading all the way, you are a part of a male oriented show. What is your take?

It is really good. Getting most of the attention in a show that you are doing is something that every actor wants and desires for himself/herself. I am happy that something like this has come on my shoulders and I have a huge responsibility to take care of. There is a lot of pressure but I feel everything will go well because things are being appreciated out by the audience. It is a very special feeling and I will try my best to do all justice.

Talking about the appreciation, two of your episodes are already on air and people having some interesting feedback. What happy you feel at the moment?

We have been getting very positive response so we also got some kind of confidence to work harder and give some really good things our viewers. If the audience is saying that they have started liking me in the first episode itself that is a huge motivation for our entire cast and crew. We worked really hard while shooting outdoors in Banaras and we actually came back with burned skin. Half the things are clear to the viewers in the first episode itself and if the audience like everyone and the impact of the show is good then it is genuinely good for us as well.

Any message to your fans…

I want like to convey to my fans that I really hope you all like my image changeover and you all have bestowed me with a lot of love and I hope your love keep continuing the way it was. Shower us with all the love to make the show a super hit and a blockbuster show.

We wishes all the luck to Kanwar Dhillon for his new venture.