Many say that women and gossip go hand in hand. But at times, even men love to indulge in some spicy talks.

And who else than actor Kanwar Dhillon to talk more about it. Wondering what we are getting at?

Well, hear it from our source: “Kanwar is the only guy who has regular scenes and thus present every day on the set of Hum Hain Naa. And being the only young guy on the show, he has all the girls for company. He is seen with them all day long gossiping and laughing.”

Armed with the information we buzzed Kanwar who first laughed and then said, “Yes, it’s true. I have become an active member of the mahila mandal on my set. I have actually become immune to all the womanly talks and have now started enjoying it. The whole day passes by with us talking nonstop on everything under the sun.”

Sharing more information on this ‘Gossip Girl’ gang, the fun young gun quipped, “Since we all are young we get along really well and that is the reason it is too much fun on the set. Sometimes there are arguments and fights and we form teams but then it is a complete happy time on the set.”

Interestingly the cast of the show also indulges in pot lunch quite regularly. “All of us get different kinds of dishes from home and sit together and enjoy our meals. We really bond over food, and have a great time relishing it. We also got chicken and cooked it on the set for everyone to enjoy. So you can imagine how much we all bond and have fun.”

Great Kanwar, continue having fun!!!