Sony Entertainment Television’s Itti Si Khushi (Director’s Kut Productions) will soon kick-start the wedding phase of the storyline. We had reported about the wily Kamini (Amardeep Jha) creating problems for Neha (Smriti Kalra) and her family during the Godh Baraai and Tilak ceremonies.

We now hear that the viewers will get to see an unusual side of Kamini during the Mehendi ritual. Well, Kamini will be seen showing off her ‘thumkas’ when she will be forced by her family to join in and dance.

Yes, you heard it right!!!

We have always seen the Dadi getting into action for her frank and rude behaviour with Neha. She has always not been happy with Aman (Anuj Sachdeva) marrying Neha. And she looks at every minute chance to humiliate Neha and even her parents.

Considering this, viewers will see a changed behaviour in Kamini during the Mehendi ritual.

As per sources, “The families of Aman and Neha will join in and start swaying to the song London Thumakda from the movie Queen. Initially, Kamini will be the only one who would not get in to dance. However, she will be forced by one and all to get to the dance stage. And eventually, the lady will join in and will get all expressive as she will exhibit her dancing skills.”

We hear that Amardeep’s ‘latkas’ and ‘thumkas’ are a must-watch..

We tried calling Amardeep Jha, but she remained unavailable.

Watch this space for more updates.