Kamal Narayan and Ragini embarrass Suraj…

Colors’ Udaan showcases Bhaiyaji in his worst avatar, where he has declared Suraj as bandhua and has denied him food or water. The ‘Makar Sankranti’ track will make the drama all the more interesting as Suraj and Chakor will unite and fight for justice against Kamal Narayan.

Kamal Narayan and Ragini will soon instigate Suraj by keeping food in front of him without allowing him to eat, while the former will feast on the delicacies. After some time, the situation will get embarrassing as Ragini will offer him food and later tease him by pulling it away from him.

Chakor will then be challenged to win a kite flying competition against Ragini and on succeeding, Suraj will be awarded food and water. However, just when our smart Chakor is on the verge of winning the competition, Kamal Narayan will tactfully cheat and cut off Chakor’s ‘manja,’ thereby making her lose.

How will Chakor give it back to Kamal Narayan this time?