Kabir (Piyush Sahdev) and Rachana’s (Mahima Makwana) love story in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms) will now hit a roadblock!! Wait here, as we are not talking about their relationship getting a cold response from Rachana’s family.

Kabir will be in for some major trouble when his car will accidentally bang over Shail (Vaishnavi McDonald).

Yes, you heard it right!! Kabir will be driving his car when he will notice a small kid suddenly crossing his path on the road. In order to avoid banging into the kid, Kabir will turn his steering to the other side. At the same time, Shail who will also be crossing the road will notice this kid and in order to save the kid from Kabir’s car, she will drag the kid aside. But in all the split-second activities that will happen between the kid, Kabir and Shail, Kabir will end up banging his car on Shail, causing her a severe head injury.

A source states that as soon as Shail will get hit, she will try to tell all present that Kabir was not responsible for the accident. But she will get unconscious even before she would complete the sentence. At the hospital, Rachana and her family would come running on hearing the news. And as soon as they would get to know of Kabir being involved in the accident, everyone would plainly assume that Kabir has done this purposely just because Rachana’s family rejected him.

The shocker for Kabir will come when even Rachana will believe that he has taken a grudge on her mother by creating this situation.

How will Kabir try to prove his innocence? What will happen to Shail now?

We tried calling Piyush, but he asked us to call him later. Our efforts to reach Vaishnavi were also futile.

Only time will tell whether the love birds Kabir and Rachana would come out of this major misunderstanding or not