Jignesh Mehta and Pankaj Singh Tiwari to feature in Laut Aao Trisha for the story of The Mentalist.

Since the time Laut Aao Trisha (24 Frames) has become an episodic, a lot of famous and known actors have featured themselves on the show. The storyline of each show may differ but they are always followed by the courtroom drama.

Viewers of Laut Aao Trisha will soon witness the tale of ‘Two Mentalists’.

Our source informs us, “Jignesh Mehta plays the character of Anand and Pankaj Singh Tiwari essays the role of Benu. Well, the story goes this way – It is about two magicians i.e. Anand and Benu. Anand is dressed in a complete black attire including his hat and on the contrary, Benu in white attire with white hat. This makes it very obvious that Anand is a rich magician and Benu is a street magician.”

Our source further adds, “One day, their Guru calls both of them to teach them the final lesson – mentalist. Mentalist is all about reading someone’s mind and controlling it. Anand and Benu come back to their consciousness and seeing that their Guru is dead and the blooded knife is in Benu’s hand. Both of them are brought to the court to find who the murderer is. Anand refuses saying Benu had the knife in his hand and Benu too refuses saying he did not murder his Guru. Well, eventually, one the other students of the Guru have murdered him for not teaching him the mentalist.”

This is one episodic that will keep the viewer gripped for sure!

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