Sumit Kaul who is currently seen on Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and was last seen on the big screen in Haider is up for a challenge with his latest character as Justin on the show.

We hear that the actor has taken professional training in sword fighting as well as learned horse riding for the show. However, the most challenging part for this light-eyed actor is to be shooting all this along with at least 5-7 kilos of jewellery.

Sumit quips, “Everything about Justin is new for me as I’ve never been part of a historical/mytho show earlier. Its been a task shooting the fight sequences and horse-riding while wearing so much jewellery. I think I am wearing the heaviest jewellery out of all and hence it wasn’t easy initially but gradually I am getting used to it.”

We hear that the actor’s father is thrilled with his grand look on the show.

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