Everyone was gung-ho when actress Jennifer Winget announced her comeback with Sony TV’s offering ‘Beyhadh’. And that became massive when the promos were launched. The long-wait for the show was certainly worth it as when the first episode was telecast, everyone were awed and stunned in admiration at the show’s concept and Jennifer’s performance as Maya.

Over a month has gone by and the show is only getting better with time. Why so? The actual madness, possessiveness and other factors that were awaited have finally started to blossom up.

In one of such instances, we recently saw the telecast of one of the most pivotal episodes of the show. The ardent viewers of the show already know how Maya (Jennifer Winget) has developed feelings for Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and hates the fact that Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) is close to him.

Also, all of us know one very important shade of Maya and that is fear. The usually strict, fearless and upfront Maya has a secret and dark side where she would get petrified with the sight and thought of her father, Ashwin (Rajesh Khattar). The limping man would come to harass Maya time and again, taking advantage of the fact that she is scared of him, courtesy his atrocities on Maya during her childhood.

And talking about the same, Jennifer has already been a winner performing those scenes where she would get scared, baffled, sweat and fumble when Ashwin would come near her.

However, the latest episode changed everything completely. Maya FINALLY stood up to her father with courage and completely destroyed his presence.

It went as Ashwin coming up to Maya and her mother, Jhanvi (Kavita Ghai) in a shopping mall and doing what he usually does. Scaring Maya and blackmailing her to give him money to stay away from them.

But things were gonna be different this time around as those glances which Maya exchanged with Arjun, where she did not know that Arjun was gonna be there changed everything about Maya.

Maya goes into the flashback where Arjun saved her from Ashwin’s atrocity and realised that Arjun is her strength and that gave her the strength to stand up to Ashwin.

The next thing we know was Maya answering back to Ashwin and even looking him in the eyes with angst and disgust only to give him the signal that these games wont work.

And finally, that push by Maya to Ashwin just cemented the fact that with the presence and strength of Arjun with Maya, she is literally invincible.

The episode wonderfully depicted how a person can have such a strong impact on someone’s decision taking process. While Maya is dark and anarchic herself, she has a soft and mellow side too, which is most exploited when Arjun is with her. However, all those people who portray to be powerful and strong are usually the ones who need the maximum support and strength from a special person. And that was the case for Maya and Arjun.

The way a no-nonsense Maya becomes a smiling and happy girl when she looks at Arjun is an absolute treat. This particular episode had so many shades amalgamating, where angst, love, courage and determination all came together.

A shocked Ashwin leaves and we see a totally new side of Maya. A ‘now completely fearless’ Maya seems the happiest in the world.

However, the next frame is a reminder that while she is ‘beyhadh’ happy and strong with Arjun, she is also ‘beyhadh’ possessive when Saanjh comes and has fun with Arjun.

But, now that Maya has capitalised on one of her biggest fears, the already strong and powerful Maya has not become an invincible force to be reckoned with.

How much more ‘Beyhadh’ will Maya go to obtain Arjun? Only time will tell..

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