Prince Narula and Karan Patel bromance at their match!

Punjabi Mundas Prince Narula and Karan Patel were spotted bromancing at their recent match against Jaipur Raj Joshileys. While Karan Patel is in the team since the beginning of this season of BCL, Prince only recently joined the Chandigarh Team Chandigarh Cubs.

This weekend’s matches will be played between Chandigarh Cubs v/s Jaipur Raj Joshiley and Delhi Dragons v/s Pune Anmol Ratan. All the four teams are touted to be the strongest of this season.Â

One of the main highlights of the Chandigarh and Jaipur matches was that Karan Patel and Prince Narula were seen bonding big time. Both were seen smiling and sharing a laugh over a joke.Â

It is always fun to watch Karan Patel on the field. He is one actor who garners attention where ever he goes.Â