Excited on being part of a different show, Itti Si Khushi, Smriti Kalra makes told us that she jumped to the offer when she was just narrated the story. The show by Director’s Kut production on Sony Entertainment Televisions presents the tale of a girl, Neha who wakes up after 12 years from coma and how she deals with life after that.

“The show has a concept never seen or heard before on Indian television. The show has a very positive approach and will teach people how to not let the child in them ever die. The character of Neha is very special and I am really looking forward for this new start,” shared the actress.

Smriti has been lucky with her characters Simmi (12/24 Karol Bagh) and Suvreen (Suvreen Guggal) becoming household names. When mentioned this, Smriti smiled, “I do feel lucky about this fact and I am thankful to the producers who offered me these roles. I have always been sure that it’s not money that is important for me but the kind of roles that I do. When I was offered the role I almost jumped to grab it. So I think it’s all the credit of the teams that I have worked.”

So how much of Smriti will we find in Neha? “I have given a lot of myself in the character. Everyone of us have multiple personalities in us and I have included some of my variant shades in the character. And if not Smriti, I have tried hard to present the right layers required in Neha’s character,” answered Smriti.

And finally when asked for a message for all the fans who have been waiting for her comeback, she exclaimed, “Since I am not on any social networking sites, this is the only way I can tell them- Yaay I am back guys! Keep the love and wishes flowing.”

Welcome back Smriti!