After nine months they finally come face to face and sparks fly

Ragini (Pallavi Kulkarni) and Neil (Ronit Roy) parted ways in Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar due to misunderstandings and the constant issues between them. Neil went back to US and Ragini decided to get hitched to Aman (Darshan Pandya).

In the recent episodes, their daughter Nishi (Rhea Sharma) discovers that she can never be pregnant. In addition to that, her married life is also not exactly bliss. Jignesh are constantly bickering over something or the other. And this news just pushes them further away from each other. Nishi comes home and Ragini realises that her daughter is in depression. Nishi gets so disheartened by her situation that she tries to commit suicide by slashing her wrist. Luckily Ragini spots her at the right time and gets her to a hospital. In the hospital, Nishi insists on seeing her dad and wants to talk to him. Reluctantly, Ragini calls Neil and they end up having an argument again. Anyway, Ragini’s words plague Neil and he decides to come back to India to see his daughter.

In India, Nishi meets Neil and cries on his shoulder. Both her parents tell her that they love her and that she should give her marriage a chance and not lose hope. Nishi in turn will be seen telling them that they both want her to work on her marriage, how come they didn’t work on their own. They both think alike and still love each other then why they are still away from each other.

In the upcoming episodes, Neil who decides to leave India in a day stays back for a few days to give his daughter company. Seeing Ragini and Aman together makes Neil extremely jealous and seeing her ex-husband makes Ragini uncomfortable. With all the miscommunications between them, they still can’t forget their feeling for each other. Will Nishi convince her parents to give their relationship a chance? Will Ragini and Neil work on their relationship to keep Nishi happy? Guess we will soon find out.