Ragini becomes worried about Nishi after she comes to know that Nishi can never be pregnant. She talks with Aman about the issue as she does not know how to represent the truth to Nishi. Aman advises that she must take some time to face Nishi. Ragini does not agree with Aman; she opines that Nishi must know the truth as soon as possible. If she continues with her happiness about the false news of pregnancy, later it would be more difficult for her to face the truth, thinks Ragini.
Nishi and Jignesh get down from their car with big packets of sweets. They cannot wait to share the news with the family members. Ragini comes and stops them. She tells Nishi that the doctor confused her report with that of another lady. Nishi refuses to believe it; rather she blames Ragini for her misfortune. She says that Ragini cannot see her happy and so she is trying to spoil her excitement with a false news. Ragini tries to make her strong enough to accept the truth. Nishi keeps saying that her father could solve all problems if he were here. Soon, she starts blaming herself for everything. Aman tells Jignesh to take care of Nishi, as she has lost her mind. Aman advises Ragini to inform Neil about Nishi’s problem; she says she can handle it alone! Pam chats with RK and asks about his engagement; he keeps teasing her. Neil tells Suhani about a young doctor who is exceptionally brilliant. She blushes. She tells Neil that she wants to go for a jungle trip with her male friend. Neil and Pam strongly oppose.