Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar’s latest track about Ragini and Neil daughter Nishi attempting suicide will soon bring them together yet again. Following the suicide attempt, Ragini will be seen calling Neil to inform about Nishi’s condition.

Getting to know about her health condition that would not let her get pregnant, Nishi will be seen trying to kill herself unable to stand the fact of not having any children. Disturbed and unable to make Nishi calm down, Ragini realises that she needs her father the most right now and only he can solve her issue for her.

Ragini will then be seen trying to contact Neil to inform him about Nishi and maybe ask for help. But the conversation does not go as they planned and they end up having an argument this time as well.
After inviting Neil to help Nishi, Ragini gives him an option to come to them only if he wants will irk Neil. He takes the conversation as Ragini trying to prove that she is a good mother and that he is not, will end in them having an argument with each other.
Like before when Neil returned to India for Nishi’s sake, this time too, Neil will be seen returning for her sake. Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar has been keeping the viewers at edge with the latest turn of events, with the latest twist, Neil and Ragini will finally come face to face.