Ishwari loves to pamper Dev, but will she ever be able to align her thoughts with Sonakshi?

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke on Sony TV is a perfect show which highlights the struggles of every married woman who lives in a joint family.

Dealing with mother-in-laws can be tough and it is primarily the husband who has to suffer the cause and effects. The show has been projecting these small little troubles beautifully and the upcoming episode will bring another clash of thoughts between Ishwari and Sonakshi.

The upcoming track will focus on Dev’s birthday, where all the family members are geared up for preparations. Radha Rani here will instigate Ishwari by stating how Dev should feed the first piece of cake to her and not Sonakshi.

As the track culminates, the show will bring forth another clash where Sonakshi will feel that every individual should do their own work and Dev will follow her advice. Ishwari will soon spot Dev managing his clothes and will question him about the same. When Dev will explain Ishwari about the intention behind the action, the latter will refuse to understand the noble thought and will feel agitated.

As a mother, Ishwari loves to pamper Dev but will she ever be able to align her thoughts with Sonakshi?