Handsome hunk Khushwant Walia, who was last seen playing Rubel in Star Plus’ Pyaar Ka Dard Hai, has enthralled audiences with his charming personality and fine acting skills. The young actor is also a craze among girls.

We got chatty with Khushwant in our Lifestyle section.

How important is money to you?
Money is very important for a better living.

Are you an impulsive buyer?
Yes, if I like something and find it worthy, I purchase it.

What are the investments that you have made?

What has been your most expensive purchase?
As mentioned, property.

Do you feel financially secure?

Who handles your expenses?
I handle it completely.

What was your first salary?
It was Rs 7000 when I worked for Jet Airways.

How much money do you carry every day?
I usually keep around Rs. 2000 in my wallet and use my debit card if necessary.

Your advice to new investors?
Property is blooming so start investing in property. Invest in assets like gold or some mutual fund and PPF. Invest money but at the same time enjoy your life.