In conversation with the most loved robot..

She is getting the audiences laugh, adore and love the robot humanoid! Rajni (soon to be Kant) is being loved by one and all! In modern television, where it is a rare feat to get an almost unanimous acceptance by the viewers with a debut where you aren’t playing the ‘cliched’ bahu, she has already secured a place in million of hearts! She is none other than, the beautiful and ravishing; Ridhima Pandit.

In a vis–vis candid conversation, Ridhima shares her experience.. working for the show, her background and other beliefs..

So Ridhima, a transition from TV commercials to a TV show and precisely a daily soap.. How do you think this transition has worked out for you?
Well, yes, it has been an absolute transition where a TV commercial requires you to just shoot for one day and then its done. But a daily soap is a lot more demanding and time-consuming. However, it has been amazing so far. When I was doing commercials, I remember facing a monotony where those one day shoots would be a repetitive phenomenon. And here, I face a new challenge everyday. So, I am loving to be a part of a daily soap like this one.

The concept of finite series is gaining a lot of importance recently. Working in a daily soap, what’s your take on it?
I would actually love to be a part of a finite series. It is an amazing format where you know a brilliant content driven show will not be stretched for unwanted reasons. However, our show’s USP is the genre of comedy which demands you to innovate everyday. So, that makes it a treat in itself. Having that said, in the future, I would absolutely love to be a part of finite series which has something pound.

Any particular series you followed recently?
‘Sumit Sambhal Lega’ was an amazing show, and I was actually glad that it ran for a certain period. The best part about finite series is that it develops the curiosity in the period the show isn’t on-air. And when the next season comes on air, it’s a fresh look once again. I also admire producer, Jamnadas Majethia (J.D.) who has been doing this a lot recently.

Many actors usually opt for a show with a stalwart channel like Colors or Star Plus. But, you have done so opting for a still-growing channel like LifeOk?
Do you think your show can sustain its current popularity on this channel?
You know, I am actually so thankful to LifeOk for accepting a show like ‘Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant’. Not every channel or creative people have the vision to accept the usually considered ‘risky’ concepts. The confidence our makers and us have in this show was felt by the channel and I couldn’t have been happier to work with LifeOk.

And yes, sadly, comedy is one of the toughest things to pull off and still underrated and less appreciated. However, breaking notion is what we all would love to do and we are doing just that. I just want to be remembered by my fans and viewers as ‘Rajni’ rather than a quintessential cry baby saas-bahu saga actress.

So do you completely despise the idea of working in a typical and commercially viable daily soap?
Not really, as you never know what does future have in store for you! I believe in the phrase, ‘Never say Never’. But, I would certainly not be working as the stereotyped bahu which would bring nothing but tears all the time. A good role in a commercially viable daily soap is always welcome.

Your role in the show is being loved immensely. Are there different variations to it and how novel is the portrayal of it?
That is exactly the best part of playing this role. A robot humanoid; who gets a chance to play such a role? It is a new day everyday where being the robot, I face new challenges, be it family-related, romance-related etc. I just shot my first ever out-and-out action sequence for the upcoming track. It is so much fun! It makes you feel so privileged to be a part of this setting.

Enough reasons to love you favourite ‘Rajni’ even more?? I certainly guess so..