Humsafars on Sony TV, finally saw the lead couple, Sahir and Arzoo tie the knot

Humsafars on Sony Entertainment Television finally saw the lead couple, Sahir (Harshad Chopra) and Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) tie the knot. However, immediately after their marriage, audience will get to see spooky things occurring in the house!

First, Kurti Appa will see a broken mud pot with rice and lemon lying outside. Considering this inauspicious, she will run in to the tell the entire family. However, as soon as everyone reaches the spot, the mud pot would have mysteriously disappeared. Kurti Appa will also come across a broke photo frame of Sahir and Arzoo, but when she will call them both to see it the photo frame would be intact! Kurti Appa, who hates Arzoo completely, will automatically blame her for bringing bad luck in the house!

While on one hand everyone will think Kurti Appa is hallucinating these things, on the other, Arzoo will be seen opening her wardrobe to get ready only to find all her clothes torn! Everyone will be left puzzled with all the mysterious things happening in Niyamat house. Is Kurti Appa really imagining things or is someone out there who wants to hurt the family? Is the culprit one of the family members or some long forgotten nemesis?