We compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts of the Bigg Boss house…

A person can survive the amazon rainforest, the Sahara desert and even Antarctica, but it’s a tough job surviving inside the Bigg Boss House! Anything you do or don’t, might spark a fire and put you in danger! We compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts of the Bigg Boss house. Here are some tips on- HOW TO SURVIVE INSIDE THE BIGG BOSS HOUSE…

1. Be the last one to choose your bed!

Over the past few seasons we have seen fights and friction happening among the contestants over selecting a preferred sleeping place. This would be just a minor sacrifice and you will set a good rapport with your inmates.

2. Follow Gandhi’s three monkeys.

Don’t see anything bad, don’t hear anything bad and most importantly don’t say anything bad! You don’t want to get stuck in any sort of controversy. Others will try to provoke you into all kinds of dramas and controversies, but you should know when to back out!

3. Keep your public image in mind at all times!

Apart from having a good impression with the inmates, you also have to maintain a good image in front of the audience. After all, the audience will be voting for you in case you get nominated. Try and entertain the audience. Bring a spark in the house. Have a positive vibe. Make the audience and the inmates laugh!

4. Have an active and fair participation in all the tasks.

Make sure you give your best while performing a task. Do not cheat or play unfair. Accept whatever is thrown at you. Even if you lose you will still get a pat on the back from the audience.

5. Maintain a good rapport with Salman Khan!

MOST IMPORTANT!! This is a bitter but somewhat a true fact. Over the past few seasons Salman Khan has been very evidently favouring few of his favourite contestants. Make sure you are in his good books, else get prepared to get grilled on every sunday! Trust us, you don’t want to be messing up with this man.

What suggestions do you guys have for the Bigg Boss Nau contestants? Comment below!