With the happy couple Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) and Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) looking forward to a new start in their life, viewers will get to see a twist as they plan to take their relationship forward in the coming days in Sony Entertainment Television’s Hum Hai Naa.

The DJ’s A Creative Unit show will soon see Sagarika’s dad (Ashiesh Roy) giving a surprise to the couple by planning out a honeymoon trip for them. He will be seen visiting Bunty’s home and gifting the couple tickets to Mumbai for a vacation. He would want them to have fun, away from family responsibilities.

Shares a source, “Bunty would be apprehensive of accepting the gift, but his father-in-law would force him and sensing Sagarika’s eagerness, Bunty would take the tickets.”

Soon the guy would face flak of this decision as Amma (Subhangi Gokhale) would get really offended by this. She would tell Bunty that it is wrong to go for a trip that has been funded by his father-in-law. She would also tell him that he can go for honeymoon somewhere closer and that the fast paced city would not suit his humble nature.

Would Bunty accept his mother’s advice? Or will he fulfill his wife’s wish of going to Mumbai?

We tried reaching Kanwar but he remained unavailable.