Actor Hiten Tejwani, who plays the role of a disciplined barrister, Niranjan Chaturvedi in soap opera “Gangaa”, relates to his character offscreen too.

Just like Niranjan wishes to instil human values in the child widow Gangaa in the &TV show, Hiten believes in the same values for his daughter as well.
In the upcoming episodes, Hiten will be seen encouraging Gangaa’s right to education.

In reality, the actor is quite firm that his five-year-old daughter should complete her education because it is very essential.

Apart from education, he makes sure to teach his daughter the importance of respecting elders.

“It’s a very important value. Whatever elders say, they say with a lot of experience which they have gathered over years. So children must understand and listen to them,” Hiten said in a statement.

Hiten, who is married to actress Gauri Pradhan, is a father of twins – son Nevaan and daughter Katya.