Star Plus’ Airlines (Miditech India) is flying high with drama fuelling the stories in every episode. The show presents the tale of the life and challenges faced by the people of the aviation industry.

After dealing with issues like smuggling, ‘on flight’ delivery, air strike, it’s time for hijacking to be the main concern bothering Ananya (Tulip Joshi) and Aakash (Yudhisthir) in the coming episodes.

The passengers and flight attendants will be left shocked with the attack and Ananya will come to the fore and try to negotiate with the gunman, trying to force him to surrender. And she will smartly manage to get all the hostages released. She will put herself as bait and get the fliers to a place of safety.

Shares a source, “Seeing her all alone with the gunman, Aakash will get into a fist fight with him. After some action packed drama, he will be able to overpower him.”

This is when the rescue team would also reach and arrest the culprit. As the people would start celebrating the win, an injured Aakash would lose consciousness out of exhaustion.

What will be the outcome of Aakash’s heroism?

We tried reaching Yudhisthir but he was unavailable to comment.

To catch the drama, tune in to the show tomorrow (2 November).